Sarah is a non-fiction author and editor of books on philanthropy and sustainable investing.

Making an Exit book cover

Making An Exit

St Martin’s Press, New York 2011; Coptic Publishing, London 2011; Picador, New York 2012

An exploration of the extraordinary creativity unleashed when humans dignify the dead. Sarah encounters everything from a royal Balinese cremation to a Czech chandelier made entirely from human bones and a Sicilian catacomb where the dead are left hanging on the walls. She even goes to Africa to commission her own Ghanaian coffin.

Moveable Feasts book cover

Moveable Feasts

Aurum Press, London 2007; St Martin’s Press, New York 2007; Picador, New York 2008

Sarah travels the globe to uncover the amazing journeys food has made from farm to fork, today and over the centuries—from the Roman olive oil trade to barbequed Memphis ribs flying FedEx to Wall Street traders and American grain dropped from a UN plane in Sudan.

Book Editing

Giving 2.0 book cover

Giving 2.0 - Transform Your Giving and Our World

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Wiley (Jossey-Bass), 2011

Making Money Moral

Making Money Moral

Judith Rodin and Saadia Madsbjerg

Wharton School Press, 2021