Business & Society

Good idea: from food waste to job skills

21st April 2015

Food waste is a growing problem. By some estimates, about one-third of the food the world produces is lost or thrown away. . . READ MORE

Growing pains in the sharing economy

19th October 2014

As a business writer, I’ve got used to the corporate jargon. But at one time I found it pretty confusing. Why did everyone want to share information with me? . . READ MORE

CEO perspective: Jack Larsen, UnitedHealthcare Medicare and retirement

29th June 2014

For many companies, a corporate awakening comes with a crisis. At UnitedHealth Group, a stock options scandal prompted some senior management soul searching. . . READ MORE

Technology changes the entrepreneur’s game

11th June 2014

Entrepreneurs are happier and more satisfied with their work than most. That’s what the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) found in a recent report. . . READ MORE

CEO perspective: Ajay Goel, Tata Power Solar

19th May 2014

After returning to his native India in 2012 to take on a job at Tata Power Solar, one of the first things Ajay Goel did was to head out of the office. . . READ MORE

CEO perspective: Shibu Shibulal, Infosys

5th May 2014

A recent Infosys sustainability report quotes Edward Wilson, US biologist and author, on the need to “raise people everywhere to a decent standard of living.” . . READ MORE

Stirring up healthcare’s melting pot

28th April 2014

They’re calling it Moon Shots – a plan to accelerate development of cancer-fighting drugs. And for Ronald DePinho, the challenge is as much organisational as it is scientific. . . READ MORE

Leadership perspective: Cargill’s Greg Page

16th April 2014

For anyone familiar with Cargill, the name brings to mind things that are big – very big. . . READ MORE

Challenging the resource curse

16th April 2014

Gazing down from a helicopter at the dense foliage of an Indonesian jungle, Christine Bader’s heart sank. . . READ MORE

The unexpected benefits of bureaucracy

15th April 2014

As chief executive and founder of a Liberian enterprise, Chid Liberty knew he would encounter hurdles. . . READ MORE